Things You'll Need

  • Three letters of reference from mentors, including one from the Internal Medicine Program Director
  • A personal statement that discusses your academic interests (research/clinical)
  • An updated CV
  • UMSLE exam results
  • ECFMG certificate, if applicable

2021-2022 Recruitment Season Dates

  • We’ll be holding virtual interviews this season. Find out what to expect.
  • July: Apply through ERAS
  • August: NRMP registration
  • Week of 8/23/21: interview invitations are released
  • Virtual interview dates: 9/17/21, 9/21/21, 10/5/21, 10/12/21, 10/18/21
  • December: Match Day
  • July: Fellowship Begins

Electronic Residency Application Process (ERAS)

Applicants are required to complete a written application through the Electronic Residency Application Service on the AAMC website. Our Fellowship participates in the National Residency Matching Program. Don’t forget to register for the MATCH no later than early November!

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What To Expect On Your Interview Day

We recognize that in-person interviews may have certain advantages, however in order to assure equity and fairness as much as possible we have made the difficult decision to follow ACGME preliminary recommendations as outlined for residency recruitment and take a similar approach to fellowship recruitment. Recruitment for AY 2021-2022 will be all-virtual (i.e. no on-site interviews). This approach supports safety, consistency, and predictability throughout the recruitment season in this unprecedented time. A large number of peer institutions and national specialty organizations have made the same decision.

We invite you to join some of our current fellows for an informal virtual “happy hour” the evening before your scheduled interview date. The actual interview day will be conducted using virtual interviews, presentations, and gatherings with our current fellows. You will have the opportunity to meet with the program leadership to get a broad overview of our program, interview with members of the selection committee, and most importantly, spend time getting to know our current fellows and faculty. We encourage applicants to contact the Program Manager in advance of the interview day if there are specific faculty members with whom you would like to meet with during your interview day. We recognize that the interview day often flies by and encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns at any time. We look forward to getting to know you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than 3 letters via ERAS?

Yes, but no more than 4.

Can I send additional documents outside of ERAS or an updated CV?

No, all documents must be sent via ERAS.

Is there a minimum USMLE Score we require?

No, we take into account scores as part of the overall review of an application.

Who should the letters of recommendation be from?

One must be from your current Program Director. The other letters should be from current faculty who can attest to your clinical experience accomplishments. You can also include a letter from a research mentor/PI.

Who reviews my application?

All applications are screened by the Program Director and then distributed to our Selection Committee (approximately 10 members) who carefully review the applications.

If I’m a foreign medical graduate, will that hurt my application?

No; however, we do give preference to applicants who have some prior US clinical training.

What does the travel to conference policy consist of?

The Division’s policy regarding travel reimbursement consists of 1 reimbursement (up to $1,500) for the duration of your fellowship training; however, if you are 1st author or present at additional meetings, the Division will reimburse you for additional travel (up to $1,500 for each travel request).

Is moonlighting permitted during fellowship?

Yes. It requires approval from the Program Director and you will need to have a full Massachusetts License and your own state and Federal DEA certificate. The maximum number of hours fellows can moonlight is 50 hours per month and must be counted towards the ACGME 80hr duty hour requirement.

Is parking available?

Yes, MGH parking is available to fellows for a reduced rate.

Will I be able to obtain Level II training in Echo during my cardiovascular disease fellowship training?

Yes, we can coordinate with the Program Director in Echocardiography to identify a schedule (either in your 3rd year or during your elective time) to obtain Level II training.

What is your parental leave policy?

Our program adheres to the GME vacation, sick time, and leave policy, which specifies that graduate trainees who are the parent of a new child by birth, adoption, or placement in foster care are eligible for 8 weeks of paid parental leave. Birthing moms are entitled to 12 weeks paid leave as has been standard for our division.